What is colonoscopy

In this article, you will get to know not only about colonoscopy as in what it is but also about certain other factors which will help in understanding:

  1. What is colonoscopy?
  2. The procedure of colonoscopy.
  • What is biopsy?
  1. When is biopsy carried out?
  2. How long does a colonoscopy take?
  3. Measures to take before a colonoscopy?


What is colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy, a method through which the patient is treated for issues related to the colon. It is a way through which the doctor finds out about ifs and whys of bleeding (from rectum), causes of a tummy ache and the bowel movements. Therefore, colonoscopy is a procedure to work on rectum and colon. The findings of colorectal cancer is found of through the very same way – colonoscopy.

How long does a Colonoscopy Take

The procedure of colonoscopy:

A complete procedure of colonoscopy is basically carried out on out patients who come for the treatment. It is minimum one hour and maximum an hour and half long method to find about certain associated things about the colon.

The method of colonoscopy is mentioned below:

  1. The patient is laid on the bed (more of a surgery table) and given a shot which makes him drowsy. This immediately starts to work. At times, it takes one to two minutes to make the person feel numb all over the body.
  2. The next step is to make the patient lie on the left side.
  • A monitor is attached to display what tube gets to see inside the colon. Naturally, for that, the tube is inserted all the way through the rectum to the right position of the colon and nearest areas of the colon.
  1. When the tube is inserted inside and the doctor has the access to see what it shows on the monitor, he can twist and turn the tube according to the need. At this point, the patient doesn’t feel much pain, however, he feels light cramps. For which doctors advise to take deeper breaths and hold them in the lungs and then exhale slowly. Another thing which the doctor recommend at this stage is to keep body loose and not panic, rather stay calm and composed.
  2. That is the complete method how a colonoscopy is carried out. Interestingly, once the procedure ends, it becomes a little awkward to pull the tube out from the rectum. It never hurts but causes irritation to many patients. On the other hand, some patients don’t feel irritated and are very calm.

What is biopsy?

A biopsy is another method in which samples of tissues is taken out from the colon. This helps in drawing conclusion and treatment.

measures of colonoscopy

When is biopsy carried out?

Once the report is shown to the concerned specialist, the next step is taken. This is a good or bad moment for the patient. Why? Because he is told whether the findings are abnormal or normal. In case they find abnormal results, a biopsy is carried out.

How long does a colonoscopy take?

Like mentioned earlier, it takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete the entire procedure. The entire method is based on the technical and individual’s acceptances. At times, colonoscopy apparatus doesn’t function well for which the patient has to wait. This includes in the process but is not all about the process. If everything goes well then it is at the max 90 minutes procedure.

Measures to take before a colonoscopy?

History of the patient, medicines and the background to it, health issues are some measures which are taken before starting the procedure.



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