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Interestingly, like humans dogs also lose teeth. They are replaced with the new set which depends on the age. As we know pets, specially dogs and cat grow faster than humans, they develop organs and teeth accordingly.

Teeth of six months old puppy:

A puppy of 6 months old loses a set of 28 teeth known as “deciduous teeth”. Later, these are replaced with a bunch of new teeth. Meanwhile, they grow 42 more teeth. Now, these new ones are sharper than human teeth and have the tendency to last longer. They look like a canine as of humans. Interestingly, they don’t happen to develop cavities enabling them to have strength. It can be because they have all those food which has a very small portion of sugar.

How many teeth do dogs have?

How many teeth do dogs have is quite an interesting discussion only if you are a big die-hard fan of your pet. Here is the division of teeth from birth to an adult.
Zero to 3 months:
Puppies don’t have teeth when they are born. However, they grow few after reaching 3 months. Therefore, they are mostly on winning and mother dog breastfeeds her puppies.puppy teeth

The emergence of teeth:

By the time baby teeth start to sprout from the gums, puppies are at least 3 months old. Sharp yet small teeth are formed helping them use as a self-defense. These start to form stronger and by the age of four months, their permanent teeth take the form in the gums.
Note: puppies don’t have molars as milk teeth.

How many teeth do dogs have?

At the age of 4 months, puppies are no more called puppies because of the growth and size. They grow larger teeth as compared to the milk teeth. The new permanent teeth are strongly rooted. And has the tendency to rip anyone apart.
When the adult dog spends good six months in the world, he has 42 teeth.

Subdivision of teeth in an adult dog:

There are incisors, canine, premolars, and molars in an adult dog. Here is what each category is responsible in terms of the use.

12 Incisors:

Removing meat from bones is a tricky job. But not for dogs! It is because they use their front incisors to do the job wisely. When they get a flea in their bodies, dogs remove them with the help of incisors.

Positions of incisors:

Six of them are in the upper portion of the jaw and remaining six are in the lower part of the jaw.

4 Canines:

These help in hurting the prey. Strong to the extent that anyone can get wound in the first bite.

The positioning of canines:

Two on both the sides, upper and lower section of the jaw.

Premolars and molars:

A total number of 8 premolars are found in the dog. Whereas, there are ten molars in an adult dog.

how many teeth do dogs have


When someone asks you about how many teeth do dogs have, you must know the count, which is 42.

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