How Much Does a Psychologist Make in the United States

What is the prime objective of a student who has earned a degree? It is all about money, progression in life style and how to land somewhere substantial. What comes after that is all for the sake of dreams. Therefore, eventually, it is about money which is why we study and pick a field of interest. If you see the market demand for dentists, psychologists, gynecologist or nurses, you will come to know the major differences in the pay scale.

How much does a psychologist make?

According to the survey and research, we get to know that psychiatrists and psychologists earn more than orthopedic surgeons in the United States. Therefore, they can afford more than enough to change cars every year. People who have a psychology degree can do quite a lot in the field where they can help others not only as clients but financially too.

This is why we have selected highest paid jobs in the field of psychology. Let’s find out about their pay rolls.

  • Organizational Psychologists:

Industrial organizational psychologists have big companies in their list of clients which makes a huge clientele. Even one client pays enough to make fortune for the generations. Despite this very fact it is used by the psychologists knowing the reality that it can serve the poor countries. They don’t really pay much heed and carry on with the lavish lifestyle.


Duties which are given to the organizational psychologists is not only to create policies for the businesses but also to modify it according to the human psychology/psyche. They are responsible for catering such policies which work fine in the long run without any issues with the employees. Along with this, it also includes personality assessments and screening which are particularly for FBI, police and security officers.

How Much Does a Psychologist Make

Earning per annum:

Organizational psychologists make around @102,570 in average.

  • Child psychiatrist:

You will be amazed to find out that a child psychiatrist makes nearly exact half of the million dollars in the course of 12 months. However, they are required to study and earn a master’s degree after which eight years of training is a must. Once the degree is received, they are supposed to complete four years of in-house training which is referred as residency in a psychiatric ward.


These people are caretakers of emotional, social and mental disorders of the children and teenagers (two years to fifteen years).


On an average, child psychiatrists make $189,301 per annum.

  • Forensic psychologist:

Forensic psychologists deal with crime and prisoners. They require a doctorate degree before starting practice. Their responsibilities include, decision making as to the person is eligible mentally to take the stand or not. They have to testify prisoners during the trials and also claim of the treatment under which the decisions are taken by the judge.


Forensic psychologists make around $85,000 bucks per annum. However, for top 10%, it is $117,470.

  • Engineering psychologist:

Everything which comes under the fallacy of bad-tech powers comes under this category. Engineering psychologists are custodians of eliminating frustrations related to machines and their mechanism. They mostly get jobs in improving the technological elements which are approved by the psyche of individuals.


On an average, engineering psychologists make a living off $108,348 over the period of twelve months.


Hence, it is proven that people with the MA in psychology make more than what many of the junior actors and actresses make. At times, they make more than what a well-known celebrity makes based on the fact that they are not less than them. Dr. Phil is one of the examples.


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