Cures for Anxiety

First of all, I would like to discuss what is anxiety? And Cures for anxiety. Anxiety is a mental disorder which destroys your health, social and economic perspective of life.

In anxiety, your heartbeat fastens with shallow breathing. It can be cured by many ways like medicine and natural remedies but here we will discuss how we can cure anxiety by using natural remedies.

There are many ways to cure anxiety with natural remedies but we will only discuss six natural remedies to cure anxiety.  So let’s move on and discuss all one by one.

Top Six Natural remedies to cure anxiety:

1)      Green Tea: Green tea consists of L-theanine which is good for controlling heart rate highness and blood pressure. Latest studies suggest that L-theanine is also good for anxiety. To use green tea as a treatment for anxiety you have to take at least 10 cups per day.

2)      Valerian: Valerian is an herb which controls your anxiety problem but unlike green tea which is not sleepy. While valerian is herb which helps you to get good sleep in anxiety. Keep in mind in anxiety you cannot sleep normally. It does not smell well. One most important thing doesn’t use it in working time but rather use it when you are going to bed.

3)      Lemon Balm: Lemon balm is another herb which has been used since middle ages to cure anxiety. Use it in the standard way as too much use can make you more anxious rather than decreasing your anxiety.  Lemon balm can help you get good sleep also. One can also use it with other herbs like valerian and hops.

4)      30 Mints Exercise: a Regular exercise of nearly 30 mints can also help in reducing anxiety and depression. Now, this exercise can be in any shape means which suits you like jogging, running, walking or going up and down through stairs. But keep in mind you have to do it on daily basis. Besides helping in anxiety, exercise keeps all your body healthy. It improves your blood flow and digestive system.

5)      Quick Eating: A research study suggests that when you have an anxiety attack. Eat something sweet like chocolate or anything sweet because in anxiety your blood sugar level decreases. One can be anxious when he/she is hungry. Each disease treatment can be done with perfect diet. Medicine is a temporary solution and proper diet is a perfect solution.

6)      Breakfast: Many of us don’t do breakfast. Breakfast is the most important diet for starting a new day. Taking egg in breakfast is too good because an egg is full of proteins. Taking proteins can help you in reducing anxiety and depression.

All these natural ways to cures for anxiety has no side effects like most the medicine we use. I have tested all these in my days of anxiety and depression. Now I am feeling perfect by applying the above 6 natural ways.

So I would like to suggest for anxiety patients to just apply these natural ways once and I hope you will get good results. You don’t need to worry about your anxiety and depression after reading this article.

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  1. These are some great tips on dealing with anxiety! I personally find exercise to be the best. After a good long run I always feel pleased with myself, more relaxed, and I often sleep at lot better too.

    Really great post, thank you very much!


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