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Many of us like pink color in particular and that too because it is recognized for girls. Little cute ponies, bands, and jewelry are what allures them. For that matter, or else whatever may approach in their minds, these couples look forward to getting pregnant with a girl. However, at this point, they need to know “How to get pregnant with a girl” and that too in only ten days.

Since there are many experiences in this regard, some of them really worked. Those tips and tricks are discussed in this article.

Tips on how to get pregnant with a girl?

Tips discussed here in this article worked for most of the couples. Which does not mean they will work for you too. Nevertheless, you can always try one or more than one of the techniques to get pregnant fast.

  1. Alkali and acidic diets: 

Alkali diet apparently hampers women to conceive girls; helping in flowing sperms around the uterus. It is because alkaline supports sperms and acidic doesn’t. Food items which are best to conceive a girl are green veggies, oranges, spinach, strawberries and another sort of berries, almonds, etc. Moreover, salt and caffeinated drinks work against getting pregnant with a girl. Avoiding high level of salt intake, carbohydrates, olives and bacon safeguards you from getting pregnant with a boy.

  1. Wearing boxers or briefs:

Making your spouse or partner wear briefs actually support in keeping sperms tight and warm enough to give a girl an edge to get pregnant fast.

  1. Positions:

Interestingly, positions while making love actually hold a play in the gender of the baby. Hardcore sex is not the only way to make a woman pregnant with a girl. Although the conception of a baby girl is more about how fast the sperms travel in the uterus, partner has to be sure about the strength. If the sperm is weak yet fast, certain positions will be good to get pregnant which is way quicker than other positions. Missionary (girl on the bottom and guy on top) and spooning are two best sex positions to conceive a baby girl.

  1. Lunar calendar:

Surprisingly, what determines the gender of the baby a woman may conceive relies on the lunar month of the mother. Many of us actually believe in it because the predictions are always accurate. However, for many, this point is considered and taken as a myth.

  1. Orgasms:

If you want to get pregnant with a girl and not a boy then orgasms are banned on you. It is because the percentage of boys is more when you go for orgasms. Scientifically and medically speaking, the main reason is uterine and the contractions which allow the cervix to open a bit. This helps in drawing sperms and getting pregnant with boys.

  1. Chocolates!!!

It is believed by many old people, mythologies and a certain set of people (which is true in many cases) that if you eat sweet things like candies and chocolates, the tendency to become pregnant with a girl escalates.

  1. Better the more – sperms:

Another way to answer the question, how to get pregnant with a girl, is by raising the temperature of sperms. This helps in reaching the destined place quicker with fewer efforts. Hot showers before loving making are best in this regard.

Our verdict:

All in all, the answer to how to get pregnant with a girl is possible through a couple of other routines. For example, the frequency of sex, duration of sex and ovulation period are some ways too.

Pregnancy Stages:

stages of pregnancy

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