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Some women think that inserting tampon can be a painful process. This can only happen if you don’t insert it properly. In this article, we will let you know what the proper ways are so that you can learn how to put a tampon in painlessly.

When should you stop using a Tampon?

Be warned of the serious issues that can be fatal. Women can also face TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) by using tampons. Women should consult their doctors if they feel the following symptoms:

    • Skin becomes Pale (indication of a fall in blood pressure)
    • faintness, headaches, or psychological confusion
    • 102 degrees F fever (i.e. more than 39 Celsius)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches
  • Skin Rashes specifically on the palms and soles

Concept of Menstrual Cups

They are little stretchy cups build of latex or silicon rubber. They catch and hold your flow. They cannot absorb the liquid. They are put into your vagina just like tampons. It works for approximately twelve hours. Finding cups of your fittings is a very difficult task.

put a tampon in painlessly

How to put a tampon in painlessly?

Following are some instructions regarding insertion of tampon without any pain:
Select absorbency of Tampons according to requirements:
Women with light flow should buy tampons with light-absorbency and women with heavy flow should purchase tampons with super-absorbency. Never use tampons before the start of periods. Use them after the bleeding. Though women commonly use super-absorbent tampons but try to avoid them as they can cause TSS.

Things to do before inserting a tampon:

You must be aware of the exact location of your vagina. The reason why some women don’t know about the exact spot is that people don’t do a lot of discussions on this topic. You can use a mirror to see clearly. Do not be confused with the urethra which is a little hole right above the vagina. Before putting the tampon in, you should practice with your finger. Consider your finger as a tampon and put it inside your vagina slowly.

You may also dip your finger in any lubricant before inserting into your vagina to do it smoothly. Never Skip the instructions that are printed on the packaging of your tampon.

how to put a tampon in painlessly

Read all to have a complete picture of the process. If you are afraid, you can ask your mother or sister for any help. Help from any female can make this process comfortable.

Putting in tampon

Stay relaxed and calm. Unwrap the tampon and confirm the durability of the string by pulling it. Pull down your underwear and sit or stand in a comfortable position. Open your labia with the help of fingers and keep it open so that you can insert the tampon using the other hand. Hold the applicator properly with your middle finger and thumb and place index finger at the base. A lubricant can be used for flexible movement.

You can also insert the tampon without an applicator.

If you’re using a tampon without an applicator, the insertion process is almost the same, except your finger is the applicator. Hold the tampon with your thumb and middle finger at its base (on the side with the string). You might find it useful to put a bit of water-based lubricant on the tip of the tampon; this will help it slide into your vagina more easily. Remember, the more smoothly you insert the tampon, the more comfortable the whole process will be. Never push the tampon in the upward direction of your vagina. Let it be inserted straight. You can twist it if needed.

When the tampon enters the vagina, little pressure can be felt, but it is not painful at all. Keep inserting the tampon until you find out it cannot go any further.

After removing the applicator, you should stand up and check whether you feel its presence or not. If you feel the presence of tampon, then it means it is not inserted properly. You should push it little more inside your vagina.

Before drawing the applicator out of your vagina, make certain that the tampon is absolutely out of the applicator. You must feel the applicator has left the tampon. If you don’t experience such feeling, then you need to push it again.

Removing or Changing Tampon

  • You must have an idea when to remove or change the Tampons. You should change it after every eight hours. In the case of heavy flow, you should change it after every three to five hours.
  • If you get a feeling of leakage in your vagina, you need to go washroom and push it properly. You can also wear panty liner along with your tampon to avoid leakage.
  • If your tampon starts sliding or moving inside, then it is time to change it. Consider this movement as a signal to change your tampon.
  • If you observe any blood on the string of tampon, then change it immediately.

menstrual cup

How to take out a tampon painlessly?

Now that you know how to put a tampon in painlessly; let’s find out how to take out a tampon painlessly. The correct position is very necessary either to insert or take out tampon painlessly. Select a suitable position and pull strings out slowly. Your angle should be the same as it was while inserting the tampon in. Never pull it hard because if the string breaks while pulling it hard, you will have to face little pain and roughness.

Do not worry at all if the tampon is not coming out smoothly. You can pull the broken string gently by putting pressure as if you are pooping. More pressure will be put on from the inside and will be helpful in dragging it out to the outer edge of your vagina. Once it reaches there, you can pull it out with your side fingers.

Another way to pull out tampon is by using vaginal douche that is sprayed into the vagina to make it wet and soft and help the tampon to come out effortlessly. If you accidentally lose the string inside your vagina, don’t panic. You should then put your finger inside the vagina and circulate it inside. You will find the string.

Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you still can’t find the string. The doctor will pull out easily.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, we tried to make you learn how to put a tampon in without any pain. After pulling it out, you should enfold it in a toilet paper and throw it in a trash bin. Do not flush them, put them in a dustbin.

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