How to put in a tampon

Putting a tampon for the first time may be a terrifying and nerve-racking practice. But as a matter of fact, it’s very simple and uncomplicated if you put it appropriately. After inserting a tampon, you will be able to do normal routine work even you can run and swim without the uneasiness of a traditional pad. On putting it incorrectly, you will not feel any pain rather you won’t feel putting anything. Your feelings would be perfectly normal. In this article, you will learn how to put in a tampon for the first time without it hurting. If you are going to use a tampon for the very first time, you must know in detail what is tampon and how does it work.

What is a tampon and how does it work?

A tampon is an object utilized for absorbing menstrual flow in such a way that the body fluid does not come out of the body. Tampons have a shape of a thin cylinder and include soft cotton so that it doesn’t hurt while putting into the vagina. They soak up the blood or fluid before it can leave your body. There are different types of absorbencies and sizes of Tampons. You may purchase them from grocery stores and pharmacies.

How to put in a tampon for the First Time?

Girls may become anxious and afraid about inserting a tampon for the very first time. It’s usual to feel panicky, particularly when you are not fully aware of how to use it properly.

Purchasing a Tampon

First of all purchase a tampon. Looking to purchase a perfect tampon can be difficult if you are buying it for the first time. One of the finest tampon brands is Playtex and Kotex. Manufacturers of pads also manufacture. So you can rely on the brand that also makes pads make you feel good.

Principally, there are 3 points to take into account:

  • Plastic or Paper:

Few tampons have a cardboard/paper applicator, whereas few contain a plastic applicator. The advantage of a paper applicator is that it is flushable, but girls having unpredictable plumbing system can face issues (though rarely). Few people are of the opinion that plastic is less difficult to use. Both can be tried to decide the best one for future use.

  • Should you use Applicator or not?

A lot of people buy tampons with applicators, whereas some don’t. In the starting, using tampons with applicators is very easy since it gives you extra control over the practice. The tampons that do not have applicators need you to press the tampon into your vagina with the help of fingers, which can be difficult. The size of these devices is so small that you can even put them in a pocket.

  • Absorbency:

The most widespread kinds of tampons are either “superabsorbent” or “regular.” You should commence with regular tampons before using the super ones. Their size is little larger but not difficult to use. In the initial time when the flow is not too much, regular tampons are ideal to use. Afterward, you may switch to absorbent tampons if your flow becomes heavy.

How to put in a tampon for the First Time

Inserting Tampon

Let’s find out how to put on a tampon for beginners. Put the tampon in when the flow is normal to heavy.  Putting the tampon at the time of commencement of your period (when you experience light flow) can be little difficult for it to enter smoothly into your vagina. The entrance of vagina becomes moist when the flow is heavy and lets the tampon enter smoothly into your vagina. If you are finding it very hard to insert a tampon, then you can surely get some help from your mother and elder sister.

Clean your hands

In order to keep the applicator and the tampon sterile, you must wash your hands before putting a tampon in your vagina. This is done to prevent any chances of bacteria that can lead to infection.

Unwrap the tampon with dry hands

Unwrap the tampon with dry hands. Never unwrap it with wet hands. If you by chance drop the tampon on the floor, do not use it again to prevent any chances of infection (because of dirt).

Stand or Sit in an easy position

Some girls prefer sitting, and other prefer standing. You can also spread your leg little more to insert tampon easily. You should try all positions and then choose the most suitable one. While inserting a tampon, you should be relaxed. Do not panic.

How to grip the tampon?

You should grip it with the fingers you write with. Grip it from the midpoint where the little, internal tube puts into the bigger, external tube. The cord must be able to be seen without difficulty and must be directed downwards (opposite to your vagina) and the broad part of the tampon should be directed upwards. Another nice tip is to put your index finger on the tampon’s base and your thumb and middle finger around the center of the tampon.

Locating your vagina

The vagina lies between the anus and the urethra. There are 3 openings: the anus, hole in the ass, the vagina, in the middle, and the urethra that passes the urine. If you can locate your urethra without difficulty, then find the vagina one or two inches below it.

Insert the top of the tampon into your vagina cautiously

After finding the vagina, insert it in vagina slowly in such a way that the external tube of tampon reaches inside the vagina. Push applicator’s slimmer part with your index finger until the thick and thin parts congregate and your vagina skin is touched by your fingers. The purpose of an applicator is to aid you to put in the tampon more into your vagina.

How to grip the tampon

Removing the applicator

You should now remove the applicator with the help of middle finger and thumb. Take out the applicator slowly from the vagina and let the string hang from the vagina hole. Throw away the applicator then. If you want to have an extra sense of protection then wear a panty liner along with your tampon so that the menstrual fluid can be absorbed if it leaks (this rarely happens so you don’t have to worry).

Removal of the tampon

Every tampon should be removed after six to eight hours at maximum. In case of heavy flow, you can remove it earlier. You should keep checking it after every one or two hours.

This was the complete guide on how to put in a tampon for the first time. Do follow all the steps to insert a tampon properly. If you find any problem, you can consult your doctor.


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