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As women, we have all been worried about our period’s date or flow like heavy or light periods once in a lifetime at least. But there is one understanding to understand, and that is, not every woman is the same and so aren’t their periods. Some women experience periods for two days and some for seven whole days, some women experience precisely on the date and some women`s periods are unpredictable, but all of this is normal. Women usually get there periods in 21 to 35 days, and anything other than these circumstances is not a matter of concern.

Many ladies do not pay attention to their periods and consider it all normal while they regret it later. Always keep a close eye on your cycle even on the color of it can tell so much about it.

I have encountered so many ladies who ask why their periods are going light all of a sudden. So here are the possible reasons listed below:


When your body goes through a physical change, your periods get affected. In case you have lost or gained your weight suddenly than you may experience your flow to be different than before due to malnutrition.


Working out is good, an average person must work out five days a week but just like the deficit of anything is harmful so as the excess. Excessive exercising may also affect your periods. Ask your gym instructor about your condition and ask him or her to plan a proper regimen for you.


If you are using hormonal birth control than you may have lighter periods than usual nut to save yourself from this trouble you may also use non-hormonal birth control options.

Always ask your midwife of your doctor before changing your birth control method.


The most common cause of your irregular periods is pregnancy. Even the slightest difference in your periods then take a home test and if you find yourself pregnant than visit a gynecologist as soon as possible.


Most women who are feeding their child may worry about their period’s cycle. When you are feeding your baby, the milk-producing hormone prevents you from ovulating hence no periods. Sometimes it takes months for you to get back to your periods. It is a standard condition but if you find it not then go to your doctor for better consultation.


When you are on a diet whether for gaining weight or for shredding it down, make sure you are not overdoing anything. Eating disorder is one of the causes of abnormal periods. Always remember to keep it balanced when having your diet planned.


Very few ladies know about the fact that depression, stress, and anxiety play an essential role in your period’s flow and its cycle. A major setback in your life can make you bleed less and stress over this problem can make things worse. Try to strike back quickly and come to a better side as soon as possible.


There are medical conditions like, cervical stenosis or Asherman’s syndrome that may affect your period’s flow while cramps will remain as usual.

  • AGE

As a woman gets older, she experiences lesser periods than before until she is fifty or more, fifty is the age when the periods stop altogether.

Women who get lesser periods when aged worry that they are not fertile anymore but lesser periods do not mean infertility, it just says you have lower chances of getting pregnant.


Periods are a serious matter whether you like it or not, there are few conditions when you must book an appointment with your gynecologist.

When you are pregnant:

Women usually wait for few months to consult their gyne and keep on following their granny`s remedies or so but don’t. We all love our elderly but the time has changed and so as our conditions.

When not pregnant but did not get periods for a couple of months:

If you have not experienced your periods for three months and taken a pregnancy test and it is negative, see a doctor. It may lead to some severe disease.

Too much pain:

When we think about period’s pain is something that comes into our head without making any effort. We believe it is normal to feel a lot of pain during our cycle, but excessive pain could be due to blood deficit or other reasons.

Bleeding between periods:

It is considered that heavy bleeding or too much flow is good for you this is not true at all. Some ladies experience bleeding between there cycles; an immediate appointment must be taken to see the doctor.

Whenever you find yourself with irregular periods than do consult a doctor rather than experimenting yourself with remedies because light periods is a sign that your body is not working how it is supposed to, the cause could be as little as iron or blood deficiency or as big as amenorrhea.

Do you have light periods and are trying to get pregnant?

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Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at


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